NO CHIEFS ADHERE to no hierarchy. we collectively cultivate new mediums for our creativity. WE FORGE a bridge between DIGITAL ARTS, CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND CREATIVE PRODUCERS


Art & Culture, Business & Economy, Science & Technology have long been paired as separate entities existing within their own silos. Yet 'culture' is cultivated from our collective experiences as a society and 'art' draws from those experiences often as a mirror to our own frustrations and circumstances. Today while so many disparate mediums for our expression and experiences exist, the question remains how do we create an actual narrative that speaks to us, for us and about us? Social ecology isn't separate from the mediums and platforms we utilise for our creative expression and experience - because everything is interconnected. 

Intentionally or not, artists in every form and style draw on and refashion the facts of life that surround them, and the resulting work takes its place among those facts. What I’m grandly and abstractly calling “works of art” are more concretely and prosaically books, songs, movies, plays, television series, environmental installations, paintings, operas and anything else that falls into the bin of consumer goods marked “Culture.
— A.O. Scott - NY Times

As 'craftspeople' we inherit great and vast bodies of work - we are inspired by writers, singers, rappers, artists, performers - and we build on that craft. Regardless of the rapid pace of technology, isn't it time to place 'craft' at the forefront and get behind the screens to root out the seeds of our creativity. If the medium is the message then let's cultivate  'craft' and design new models to inspire a new age of expression, creativity and experiences collectively! 

It’s always been the artist who perceives the alterations in man caused by a new medium, who recognises the future is the present, and uses his work to prepare the ground for it.
— Marshall McLuhan